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Sesizare pentru primaria Patarlagele, judetul Buzau

Postata de: Sarah Khoumsi
La data: 16 Iulie 2016
Tip: Reclamatie
Cod: 98775
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Dear Mayor,

Patarlagele and its surroundings are beautiful areas, with diverse plants, trees, insects and animals.I was surprised to see that its inhabitants dump domestic waste in the wooded area and on the beaches of the Buzau River. Since I was on a short vacation at my grandparents house in Lunca, I took my cousins and their parents and gathered a large amount of domestic waste dumped on the way to the river and in the nearby wooded area. My uncle was nice and helped us to transport it to a waste container located at the Patarlagele Market. I would kindly like to ask you to launch a campaign of awareness in all schools at all levels and propose to schools to organize community gatherings to have days of cleaning the river shores and its wooded areas As well as the various paths to the river.This will help with the conservation of our precious natural resources and ecosystems ( water, land, air, vegetation and animals) and improve esthetics. People will go to a clean river to bathe and sunbathe. You may know that plastic decomposes after hundred years and other materials never degrade or decompose.There are so many plastic bottles and metal cans and other containers that could be recycled.

I can not wait to return to Lunca and contribute the community in any ways I can. I thank you,

Kind regards, Sarah

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